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AlphaNova Roofing is your trusted partner for exceptional metal roofing solutions in British Columbia. We specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining metal roofs for both residential and commercial properties. With our extensive expertise, we can guide you through the entire process, ensuring a metal roof that perfectly complements your style and needs.

AlphaNova Roofing Company serving homes and businesses across Lower Mainland, Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley region.
What We Do

What Do Our Metal Roofing Services Include?


Metal Roof Installation

Our professional roofers install new metal roofs, guaranteeing durability and longevity. We focus on precision and quality, using materials that enhance protection and property value.


Metal Roof Repair

We repair existing metal roofs, addressing leaks, damage, and wear. Our team ensures functional restoration and aesthetic preservation, extending your roof's lifespan.


Metal Roof Replacement

When metal roofs require replacement due to age or extensive damage, we provide comprehensive services using superior materials. Our approach ensures enhanced durability and performance.


Metal Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance by our experts prolongs metal roof longevity and prevents issues. Services include inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs, maintaining optimal roof condition.


Metal Roof Inspection

Our detailed inspections assess metal roof conditions, identifying early signs of problems. We strategize effective solutions to address issues promptly, safeguarding your investment

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What Are The Different Types Of Metal Roofing Materials?

Pros: Lightweight, corrosion-resistant; ideal for coastal environments.
Cons: More susceptible to denting than some heavier metals.

Pros: Highly durable, recyclable, and comes in various finishes.
Cons: Requires a protective coating to prevent rust.

Pros: Longevity, develops a protective patina, and is eco-friendly.
Cons: Higher cost and expands with temperature changes.

Pros: Durable, corrosion-resistant, and minimal maintenance.
Cons: Zinc runoff can cause staining and requires skilled installers.

While AlphaNova Roofing doesn’t currently offer zinc roof installation, it’s a beautiful and long-lasting option for some projects. We recommend consulting a qualified roofing professional specializing in zinc roofing to discuss its suitability for your needs.

Pros: Once common, known for its durability when properly maintained.
Cons: Mostly obsolete, replaced by more modern materials.

While tin roofing has historical significance, advancements in roofing materials offer more efficient and cost-effective solutions. We’d be happy to discuss the latest roofing options suitable for your project.

Pros: Exceptional strength, corrosion and rust-resistant.
Cons: Higher cost compared to other metal roofing options.

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What Are The Metal Roofing Panel Types?

Corrugated panels are chosen for their resilience. They withstand extreme weather, making them a cost-effective option for robust protection. Pros: Economical, durable. Cons: Traditional appearance, potential for noise.
Standing seam panels are distinguished by their elevated seams and sleek appearance, offering superior leak protection and a modern look. Pros: Excellent water shedding, contemporary design. Cons: Higher investment, requires experienced installers.
Metal shingles mimic traditional shingles but with metal’s longevity, blending in with various architectural styles while providing enhanced durability. Pros: Aesthetic flexibility, lighter weight. Cons: Can be costlier than asphalt shingles, complex installation.
Metal tiles offer the aesthetic of clay or concrete tiles combined with the lightweight strength of metal, ideal for properties seeking a Mediterranean flair. Pros: Long-lasting, unique styles. Cons: More expensive upfront, may require additional structural support.
Stone-coated steel provides the texture and look of stone with the durability of steel, suitable for those seeking the best of both worlds. Pros: Diverse aesthetics, enhanced durability. Cons: Higher price point, professional installation needed.
Metal slate achieves the elegance of natural slate with a fraction of the weight, offering a high-end look without compromising on performance. Pros: Durable, lightweight compared to real slate. Cons: Premium cost, specialized installation required.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing offers longevity, energy efficiency, and a wide range of styles to match any home design, making it a superior choice for property owners seeking durability and aesthetic flexibility.
Choosing a roofing contractor in Surrey, Canada: Communication, thorough inspection, licenses & insurance, warranties, and collaboration
Why Us

Why Choose AlphaNova Roofing For Metal Roofing?

We combine our expertise in metal roofing with high-quality materials to deliver sleek, durable roofs and exceptional customer service.


What Other Types Of Roofing Do We Provide?

Besides metal, AlphaNova Roofing is skilled in a wide range of roofing types to cater to all our clients’ needs, ensuring quality and durability across every project:

We specialize in solutions for flat or low-slope roofs, focusing on advanced waterproofing techniques and materials to ensure longevity and reliability. Our flat roofing services are designed to address the unique challenges these roofs present, providing effective water management and maintenance strategies.

Recognized for its affordability and versatility, asphalt shingle roofing offers a variety of styles and colors to complement any home. Our expert team ensures precise installation and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a balance between cost and curb appeal.
For those seeking elegance and durability, our slate roofing installations offer unmatched natural beauty and a lifespan that can exceed a century. Each slate tile’s unique texture and coloration add timeless appeal to historic and contemporary homes alike.
Tile roofing, available in clay and concrete, stands out for its exceptional durability and distinctive style. Perfect for properties aiming for a Mediterranean, Spanish, or custom look, our tile roofing solutions also provide excellent insulation properties and resistance to severe weather conditions.

Green roofs are a unique way to combine environmental responsibility with practical benefits for your building. These living roofs enhance both building performance and the surrounding environment by offering:

  • Improved Insulation: Green roofs can significantly reduce heat transfer, potentially lowering your energy bills.
  • Urban Heat Island Mitigation: By absorbing heat and releasing moisture, green roofs help cool down cities and mitigate the urban heat island effect.
  • Beautiful Green Spaces: Green roofs provide additional green space in urban areas, enhancing aesthetics and promoting biodiversity.

AlphaNova Roofing specializes in traditional roofing materials. However, we understand the growing interest in sustainable solutions. If you’re considering a green roof for your project, we can help you connect with qualified professionals in this area.

Aligning with modern energy efficiency goals, our solar roofing integrates photovoltaic technology into roofing materials. This innovative approach allows homeowners to harness solar energy, significantly reducing energy bills and environmental impact, with the added benefit of a sleek, integrated design.

Quality You Can Trust: Every roof we install is backed by AlphaNova Roofing’s team of experts and our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

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Lower Mainland, Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley

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Our Testimonial

What Some of Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

It is a pleasure to recommend the Alpha Nova team. They are a professional and positive team. We had our roof replaced by them in Oct 2023. They were on time and did a great job. After a few months we realized we needed a few vents made and they were very prompt in returning and getting the job done. I feel assured by the quality of their work and the credibility of the roof warranty over the coming years. Thank you guys for a job well done.

Gavin Dsouza

First, I must say that we seldom write reviews, good or bad….But our experience with Ibrahim and his crew was excellent. The guys were punctual, gave us an accurate estimate, and the work done was completed in a timely manner. They followed safety guidelines and cleaned the work site after each days work. I received numerous positive comments from neighbour's about how impressed they were about the workmanship and how friendly the crew was. I would highly recommend AlphaNova to anyone who asks.

Samuel Peters

Outstanding work and remarkable response time. They showed up to quote my gutter replacement within an hour of calling. They even patched a hole they found in a roof vent while measuring the gutters during their quote. Their prices were very reasonable and they did an exceptional job. Will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs work, and will use them again for anything else roof or gutter related.

Kurai Ookami

A warm thank you to Badr, Youssef, and Ibrahim. Just a lovely group of young professionals that truly take pride in their work and providing A+ service to their clients. The team replaced our roof last Oct. They worked hard, communicated openingly and kept our home as clean as possible during the work. They spent hours after cleaning up as well. If there was ever any concerns or questions I had it was always met with care and attention. Even months later, they've gone above and beyond for our family and we wouldn't hesitate to use their services again in the future. Thanks guys!

Sophie Pratt

I had my roof done by Ibrahim and his team in May 2023, but I wanted to wait until we had a couple of heavy rainstorms first before providing my review. AlphaNova was excellent! They were always on time, very polite, the jobsite was tidy, the pricing was very competitive and the quality of work was great. Overall I was genuinely impressed with AlphaNova and would highly recommend them!

Derek Bennett

I had my entire roof redone by AlphaNova this summer, They did a fantastic job! I'm very happy with the quality and the communication they presented through the whole process. Would highly recommend!

Robert Tainsh

I would recommend AlphaNova to all my friends and family. They delivered exceptional service and went above and beyond. They worked around my hectic schedule to get the job done and for that, im thankful! If you need any gutter or roofing work done, these are your guys!

Ashley Smith

Excellent company to go with. Great job on our new roof. Great communication and friendly to deal with. Would recommend to anyone looking to replace their roof.

Alex MacGregor

Youssef and Ibrahim, and their team, went above and beyond in every way: good looking roof (with skylights and solar blinds), great price, responsive, communicative, and flexible. I highly recommend them.

Dylan Shaw

We were in need of a roof replacement and AlphaNova Roofing was the right choice. We were impressed with everything from the initial quote to the installation completion and clean up. Ibrahim , Badr and Youssef were very professional , hard working, personable and great to work with. They are everything we could of asked for to replace our roof. We would definitely use AlphaNova in the future and strongly recommend them for any roofing needs. Thank you for a job very well done!!

Rick Yonge

From initial contact to completion our re-roofing project was superbly handled. The detailed quote, excellent communications and hard work ethic were well demonstrated by AlphaNova Team on our job. We have various roofing projects to be done over the next few years and are definitely looking forward to working with AlphaNova who we highly recommend.

Othmane Benlamlih

A+ service, professional communication, and quality work. Ibra and his crew were a pleasure to deal with and we hired them to remove our old roof and install a new one. From dealing with Ibra to the completion of the project, the process was seamless and Ibra’s genuineness was evident throughout. We totally recommend AlphaNova Roofing and are beyond satisfied with their work. We will definitely use them again and will recommend them to all our friends and family.

John Last

Just did an emergency job on our house in a massive rainstorm and they were very polite and professional. Highly recommend.

Brett Ray

My roof was in a sorry state of disrepair. It was poorly installed by a house flipper. These guys came to my rescue! They finished faster than anticipated, and they did an AMAZING job! I'm extremely happy with their work, and highly recommend them!

Ashley Cullen

Ibrahim and his team were absolutely fantastic. Very professional and so nice to deal with. My roof looks absolutely fantastic and they left everything cleaner than before they started. I highly recommend this amazing team.

Avril Atkinson

If you are in need of a new roof then AlphaNova roofing is the company you need. They are an excellent company and they actually communicate with the customer. They respond in a timely manner and alleviate any worries or concerns you have about the process. Youssef is great to deal with and their crew is top notch. If I ever need another roof replaced then I know who to call. Thanks for a great roof install.

Neveah Huyghe

We’ve had the same home for 25 years, so it was time for a new roof. We didn’t know much about the process of installing a new roof. We contacted AlphaNova roofing and they made the whole process mush easier and fluent. Thank you so much!

Ahmad Albadan

Great communication, honest and straightforward. I work in the trades industry and use to do construction. They are top quality. They do fantastic work and are super people too!! Going to become our main roofing/gutter company to call!

Kenzie Markey

Very very happy with my new roof! The team was very professional and lovely to deal with. They worked fast and efficiently and installed a really top quality roof. All my neighbours enjoyed their friendly cheerful natures too! I highly recommend AlphaNova for any roofing installation.

Jen Bell

Alpha Nova Roofing is an excellent company. They are very knowledgeable and professional. I definitely recommend working with this company..

Mr. D

We just replaced our roof with AlphaNova roofing and we're extremely happy. Right from the get-go, Ibra and his team were very responsive and helpful in providing an inspection and quote. They were able to get started very quickly and on the day of the work the crew showed up on time. Everyone was efficient, thorough, detailed, and respectful of our neighbours. At the end of the job, they cleaned up so well that you'd never have known they were there or that we'd had our roof replaced. Excellent quality, value, and customer service. I would highly recommend AlphaNova roofing if you're planning to have your roof fixed or replaced.


Prompt service, knowledgeable. Gave advice as how to proceed where their company could not cover the type of work our house needed. Very happy with the two young men that came. If I need roof work again, they would certainly be the first I would call.

Rajinder Mann

Really great team at this company, I got a roof replacement and the team at AlphaNova really catered to my needs, I wasn’t sure what kind of roof I wanted and they were really knowledgeable and gave me many options to pick from. They made the process so easy for me and gave me the best price compared to a few other estimates i got this year. Highly recommend !!

Shayne Diny

Did an amazing job on my roof, thanks AlphaNova team! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for any roofing services.

Ray Tremblay

My experience with AlphaNova roofing was exceptional! Really great team, they've done a perfect job replacing my old roof and cleaning my gutters in timely manner. We will definitely call them again and use them in the future. I will not hesitate to recommend them to a home owner looking to repair or replace their roof.

Sanoussi Ossama

I asked them to fix our roof it was leaking water and needed some work done, they were professional, on time, very reasonable prices, very happy with their service definitely recommend them.

Wes Albakos

Ibra and team did a very good job on installing my new roof. They suggested me exactly what I needed and delivered what was promised. They are knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend AlphaNova roofing to others.

Simran Sanghera

This 3 brother company did an excellent job cleaning my gutters on my house and garage and repaired some gutter damage on my house. They worked quickly, quietly, promptly, and I highly recommend them. Their service was excellent and they are exceedingly polite. You can't do better than what they did. Fabulous job.

Eydie Bloom

I would highly recommend this company! They’ve done a very good job changing my roof from start to finish! Thank you guys

Nour Malek

Alpha Nova did a fantastic job cleaning and fixing our roof. They went the extra mile and did a through detail of the moss removal and applied a commercial chemical fir killing the moss. We do not had any moss grooming on the roof for a year. We will get them back every couple of years for maintenance. All the crew members worked efficiently and very neatly. They left our home very neat and tidy. Thanks

Mike Wakita

Super polite and hard working team. I would highly recommend this company.

Catherine WG

Great service , great costumer service!! I would highly recommend this company for any roofing or gutters need.

Kam Ism

Very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and service provided. They did a "thorough" investigation of our roof and attic and completed the "minor" repair on site, same day. I would highly recommend this company. Pricing was reasonable as well.

Elaine Brooks

Amazing dream team. We were impressed about the quality and the services that have been accomplished by AlphaNova. Thanks so much for all the effort despite the difficulties of the required work.


Great team of hard working people here! Will definitely work to make you happy with your roofing job!

Michael Holley

The Alpha Nova guys are really amazing at what they do. It was perfect timing for us to get a new roof and they came up with a great estimate explaining everything clearly. With all three brothers being very professional, friendly and having great work ethics, we're confident with our new roof.

Noa Chicago

I had the guys from Alpha Nova come out and replace my roof and it was a perfect example of professionalism and ease that you want from a company. Ibrahim came and provided a quote for me and they were able to come out and replace my leaking roof a few days later(luckily!). thanks so much guys! amazing work!

Justin Brunchmann

The young men where honest and professional throughout the whole job. The job changed from demossing to a full replacement as there was serious damage to the roof and they want to do the job properly. There price was right in line with all other estimates. They were pleasant and hard working. I totally recommend them.

Kelly Legare

Great dealing with the 3 Brothers!! Keep up the great work. I would highly recommend this company

Audny Torland Voll

We had an amazing experience with AlphaNova, very professional, we would definitely recommend them to everyone.

Sarina Peluso